Step Up on Second

Santa Monica, California

The Step Up on Second tenant improvement project consists of the both interior and exterior improvements to the four-story, type-V occupied facility that provides assistance for individuals and communities affected by serious mental illness and chronic homelessness.

Interior renovations include demolition, new paint, vinyl flooring, carpet, cabinetry and window coverings in 36 occupied supportive housing units. Collaborating with the owner to develop a tenant relocation plan, units were vacated from the hours of 7 am and 7 pm and five units were completed daily.

Improvements to common areas include new flooring, cabinetry, paint, plumbing, epoxy flooring in the 1st floor common areas (corridors and community rooms), new tile and paint in restrooms and new window coverings. The kitchen, which serves both the tenants and public, was demolished and completed and included new flooring, plumbing and kitchen equipment in just under three days.

Exterior improvements include the repaint of the entire 60’ exterior, roof replacement and select mechanical components. The site, being in downtown Santa Monica, proved to be a logistical challenge. All work was completed within close proximity of the 3rd Street Promenade, therefore pedestrian traffic was significant. Our team’s main focus was the safety of the public. To ensure this, we provided the following:

  • Inclusion of pedestrian signage/wayfinding.
  • Secure overhead covered walkways.
  • Street/sidewalk barricades.
  • Street signage for vehicular traffic.
  • Flagmen for lane closures and deliveries.
  • Site security measures during on and off hours.
  • Major deliveries to take place in the most appropriate times for safety and congestion reasons.

In addition to safety concerns, the City of Santa Monica enacts strict working hours to avoid the disturbance of Santa Monica residences, which relates directly to noise ordinances. With limited off-hours, each step of the construction process and scheduling was considered – delays were not an option. Our team not only provided the City with an equipment list, but also a waste management plan which was successfully approved.

As a prevailing wage job as indicated by the City, our team abided by complex requirements for payment of prevailing wages and participation in apprenticeship programs during the project. Our ability to successfully deliver a prevailing wage job, through close partnership with the City and client, exhibits the in-depth knowledge of the unique area.

Square Footage: 
22,271 SF