| Core Purpose & Core Values |

Shangri-La Construction’s values are a part of our DNA. We eat, breathe and live each day focused on driving an environment that promotes our purpose and values. Each individual value generates a sense of unity and positivity among our team, and that solidarity transcends our local space, extending to each and every person we work with on a daily basis.

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Build a Different Way

We do things differently because we are innately different.

Build Lasting Partnerships

Through proactive communication and transparency, build lasting partnerships with our clients, stakeholders, trade partners and project teams. These partnerships align our mutual objectives to everyone’s benefit.

Expand What's Possible

Be resourceful and find leverage in every situation to deliver comprehensive and consistently better than expected results both internally and externally.

Commit to Constant Improvement

Be an agent for progress through the daily challenge of honing your talents.

Create a Place for People to be Their Best

Act on the principle that our team is our most valuable asset.